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The Law Firm  

    The law firm EURO FILHO – ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, specialized in Criminal Law, has as its main feature the union of modern methods of working allied with the tradition of an office with more than 40 years of experience in practicing law.
    In fact, at the same time that the law firm EURO FILHO – ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS is intrinsically connected with modern technologies of the current legal environment, especially regarding electronic process (Law 11.419/2006) and new formats of working, research and studies, it also keeps the best format of the traditional law practice, which is keen on personalized and tailored treatment of the client and the follow up of the procedure in loco concerning the lawsuits.
    The personal treatment concerning the client, the nonstop and careful follow up of such lawsuits and specially our respect with ethics are the basis and true pillars of our office, serving as the structure that modulates not only the conduct of our partners and other members of the office but also the very existence of our law firm.
    Although our main office is situated in the capital of the state of São Paulo, the law firm EURO FILHO – ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, by means of several correspondents and partners distributed all over the national territory, has a strong practice in the countryside of our state and also in the several Brazilian capitals. Moreover, we also have a strong and relevant practice in “Distrito Federal”, notably before the main high courts of Brazil “STJ and STF”, whether dispatching appeals, briefs and petitions with the Justices of those courts, or performing closings for such sphere of law.

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